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The impact of ungulates on agriculture, environment and public safety has been a really serious one. A problem to which a definitive and systemic solution must be found.

Ultrarep, the ultrasound technology that repels wild ungulates may be the answer.

The application of this technology in three pilot areas, and its possible ranges of application will be discussed on Tuesday 19th November from 9.30am at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati, in Piazza Duomo nr. 10 in Florence, during the conference promoted by E.R.A.T.A. (training agency of Confagricoltura Toscana “Progetto Ultrarep – Sistemi innovativi di difesa ULTRAsound Animal REPeller” , or “Innovative defence systems ULTRAsound Animal REPeller’” to prevent damage caused by wild ungulates to crops.

This is a pilot project that aims to protect crops and forests with the use of innovative technologies that are not harmful to animals.

It has been launched as an experiment in Tuscany, and is funded by the “Sostegno per l’attuazione dei Piani Strategici (PS) e la costituzione e gestione dei Gruppi Operativi (GO) del Partenariato Europeo per l’Innovazione in materia di produttività e sostenibilità dell’agricoltura (PEI-GO)” (Support for the implementation of Strategic Plans and the establishment and management of Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership on agricultural productivity and sustainability”) – year 2017.

The regional councillor for agriculture, Marco Remaschi, will open the conference, where entrepreneurs and experts will address the issue of ungulates in Tuscany, and will propose a solution involving the development of the new Ultrasound Animal Repeller prototype.