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When Leonardo da Vinci is mentioned, one immediately thinks of genius, that is of a person out of the ordinary with quality that no one else has.

Reading page by page all the volumes of this collection of copies of codes, puts you instead in front of the man with his everyday life, his thoughts, his melancholy.

The drawings, anatomical studies, military machines, optics, astronomy and all that can be admired, are combined with small personal notes, thoughts, a little-known self-portrait, which makes us meet a man who is he feels old (1513 is only 62 years old) and observes a distant point with melancholy.

These codes, kindly provided by the Serra Bigazzi family, will illuminate for a few hours (Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September) the splendid location of the church of San Bartolomeo, in the hamlet of Vertine (Gaiole in Chianti), and will remain etched among the memories of those who can admire them.

Saturday 21st at 5pm inauguration (here below the complete program). Sunday 22nd September opening times of the shows: 10-13 and 16-19.