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Pizza, Cocktail and Piccornie.

This is a new and innovative format that pairs pizza with great cocktails, instead of the usual beer.

The main goal? Enjoy your pizza without regretting it the following day!

On the 19th of September 2019 PICO’ opens its doors in Barberino Tavernelle, in the historic centre of the town of Barberino.

The interest in food & drink pairing is growing more and more in the restaurant world, and PICO’ wants to give the cocktail a new central role: turning it from a post-dinner drink into vital part of the gastronomic experience.

The typical “pizza and beer”combination will surely become an indigestible memory.

The Italian iconic food par excellence will have a new life. In a land whose gastronomy is based on meat and wine, PICO’ represents an innovative and tasty experiment.

PICO’ will be presented to the public at its opening on September 19th in Barberino Tavarnelle, in P.zza Barberini 5.

PICO’. Pizza, Cocktail and Piccornie – – Telephone 0558075509.