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It was 1260 and the Ghibelline Siena, before facing the enemy Guelph Florence, decided to make an act of entrustment to the Madonna del Voto, giving it the keys to the city.

On September 4, we remember the Battle of Monteaperti thanks to the Pro Loco of Castelnuovo Berardenga, recalling (at 6.30pm) the act of entrustment to the Madonna del Voto at the Chapel of the Martyrdom.

At 7pm there is a procession on the battlefield: the Ghibelline troops will accompany towards the Acqua Borra.

At 7.30pm there is an aperitif offered by the Acqua Borra restaurant and at 8pm the “battle dinner” begins with Florentine bean and tripe soup, arista, sausages and ancient dessert.

During the dinner the jester Ugo Giulio will introduce the speakers: Maurizio Bianchini, Duccio Balestracci and Antonio Tasso will talk about Monteaperti together with musicians, flag-wavers, smoke-eaters and jugglers.

At 10.30pm, the historic torchlight procession to the Pyramid of Monteaperti.

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