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The beautiful, evocative staircase annexed to the religious complex of the Pieve di Sant’Appiano has been entirely restored by the Barberino Montelibertas Lions Club with the collaboration of Art-Craft of Claudio and Fabrizio Tafani.

It was inaugurated last June 30th with a great ceremony and an exhaustive guided tour led by Sara Innocenti, who brought to life all the beauty of this architectural complex.

The handsome staircase, which has been made accessible and secure, has caught the attention of a girl who’s planning her wedding, wanting the perfect location to crown her dream.

On Thursday 11th July, the staircase of Sant’Appiano was in fact chosen for a photo shoot and a video made for her wedding rehearsal, in a splendid location filled with exciting atmosphere.

And interestingly, the Pieve di Sant’Appiano is one of the few parish churches in the Florentine countryside that used to have its own baptistery. The stone columns that we see today are what is left of the baptistery, after the fire that destroyed the building in the 19th century.