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Luca Managlia, alias Mistergusto (cover photo by Marco Bechi, There’s been a lot of television in his career but, in recent years, he has reinvented himself as a food photographer.

Beautiful images of great power, penetrating colours and evocative black and white. WeChiantiwent to have a chat with him.

Luca, how, when and why did you become a food photographer?

“I am an ‘old man’ in this profession. I started this photographic journey quite recently, three years ago. I did it because, very simply, I needed new stimuli. I believe that with age we need something new to do. Photography is similar to my previous profession: I haven’t abandoned the old profession on TV, but photography has been revitalising for me. Before starting again, the last time I took photos was when I was at University, following my professor, a cultural anthropologist”.

What do you like about it?

“It’s a different way of illustrating food compared to what I was doing before on TV – now I use images, not words. And clearly I can express myself in a more direct way, without the mediation of a technician. With the photos, I express the emotions of certain situations, people, products and ingredients”.

You share your photos a lot on social media: aren’t you jealous of your work?

“I have always been a populariser. So I do it with great pleasure. My motto is never stand still”.


What was the best compliment you’ve received?

“I receive quite a lot. And this always surprises me, because I haven’t done it for long. I am lucky, because having worked on TV, I’ve got an eye for composition. Points of reference? When I take photos of dishes, I would say no. For portraits, yes, even if I wouldn’t call them models: photos are very personal”.

Did you chose the nickname Mistergusto? Or did someone give it to you?

“One of my assistants from the last television phase chose it for me when he signed me up on Facebook with this nickname, since I didn’t even know how to do it. I liked this “nom de plume” and decided to keep it…”.


Luca Managlia: what comes into your mind if I tell you Chianti?

“First of all, a very beautiful landscape. I am not obsessed with ingredients, they are just part of my profession. When I think of the Chianti I think of its landscapes, its history and beauty. Many years ago I also did a guide on the Gallo Nero wineries and, every now and then, I dedicate some episodes to this area… “.

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