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Your Easter or Easter Monday lunch could be truly unforgettable this year. Because you can enjoy one of the greatest Tuscan traditions, cooked to perfection.

In fact, at the Officina di San Pancrazio, the volcanic Yves Ollivier put his super rotisserie at the center of the Easter menu on April 21st (and on Easter Monday on April 22nd).

So roast shot but … not only. Here is the complete Easter and Easter Monday menu (45 euros per person, reservations 0558248174) in this unforgettable place.

In fact, at the Officina, along Via Certaldese (in the center of the town), we start with the Officina’s Aperitif. Then Antipasto misto, Roast and Lamb, potatoes and salad, Easter cake, water, wine and coffee.

Products as always of the highest quality, of shops and artisans of the surroundings. Portions … you won’t get hungry for sure.

Information and reservations at 0558248174.