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Last year SlowFlowers Italy filled Monticchiello with lively colours and beauty. This event brought together a hundred volunteers from all over Italy, who came to this ancient village in the Val d’Orcia to embellish it with flowers.

The idea was the brainchild of an association that wants to raise attention and awareness of the Italian flower market.

When it comes to buying flowers, people should keep in mind important values such as buying local and sustainability: “We want quality food to nourish our body. In the same way we should be conscious of these factors when purchasing flowers for the nourishment our soul“.

To put this into effect, this year the SlowFlowers Italy Network sees the birth of “a digital platform where we present floral designers and flower farmers who follow the values ​​of our association”.

“Our project – they stress – attempts to stimulate a debate that can bring growth to this market’s sector in Italy, which is one of the main locations of Destination Wedding. We will be talking about it at the round-table “Flower Farms, Grandi Produzioni e Floral Design – Mutamenti di prospettive economiche e nuovi valori” (Flower Farms, Major Productions and Floral Design – Changes of economic prospects and new values ), to be held in Sant’Angelo Vico l’Abate at the end of April 2019”.

The 2019 SlowFlowers Italy event will take place on April 30th and May 1st in the ancient complex of Sant’Angelo Vico l’Abate, located between San Casciano and Greve in Chianti.

The staging will start a few days earlier, with the arrival of the volunteers. The complex, until recently in a state of abandon, will be decorated with cultivated and wild flowers, a symbol of life and rebirth for this place.

During 2019 SlowFlowers Italy, in addition to the round-table, there will be several training workshops: from floral composition techniques in “slow flowers” style, to cultivation methods aimed at farmers, and lessons on online marketing for people who work with flowers and want to increase their presence online.

“We continue on the path outlined in the previous years – they conclude – Supporting a collective debate with quality training, and raising public awareness through various educational events. SlowFlowers Italy continues to spread its seeds so that in the future they can take root” .