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An honour for San Casciano and for all the Chianti region. Omero Soffici is now one of the operators of the Education Area of ​​the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, in Florence.

He teaches the noble art of carving to young students: “During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance – they say at the Museo Opera del Duomo – the artisans worked all over the Mediterranean area using the same tools, materials and techniques. That’s why, still today we share decorative motifs and manual craft”.

“Wood – reads the presentation of Omero’s lessons – has always been the ideal material because it’s light, and in certain cases, is also quite soft. It’s therefore perfect for creating refined decorative motifs, both in relief, thanks to the ancient technique of carving, and with the inlay technique, which consists in combining wooden elements of different colours and profile to give life to an image”.

The workshop consists of three two-hour lessons during which the participants can experiment – after a brief introduction – with the various artistic techniques. They can learn how to carve or inlay wood, and reproduce decorative details of the “Mass Sacristy”.

And the art of Omero, together with his ability as a teacher, makes a real difference.