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It is called “Carna – By Dario Cecchini”, and is a steakhouse open a few days in the paradise of the Bahamas.

A dream place, in which the butcher from Panzano in Chianti has been called by US investors to put name, recipes, face, training, to a project that could spread from here to other dream zones of the globe.

“It’s worse than… opening a steakhouse in the Bahamas” Dario tells us, welcoming us to the butcher’s shop in Panzano.

A project, that of “Carna”, which tells us (once again) what the name of Dario Cecchini means in the world.

“While I’m proceeding with my projects here in Panzano – he says – I found the time to try my hand at this, but we’re talking about the top: in materials, equipment and fittings”.

About one hundred people to make “Carna” (alongside Dario, the faithful right-hand man Riccardo Ricci), one of the “mecca” of the meat in the world.

“I worked with all these guys full of enthusiasm – concludes Dario – taking courses on the processing of the animal, the recipes, I think and I hope it will be a project that will immediately go great”.