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We broke the news on WeChianti a few days ago that the Chianti Classico 2015 Riserva of the Castello di Volpaia (Radda in Chianti) has made it into the third place of Wine Spectator’s “TOP 100” 2018.

A very impressive result for the wine producer from Radda in Chianti, led by Giovannella, Niccolò and Federica Mascheroni Stianti.

We’ve met with Federica Mascheroni Stianti to talk about the value of this result: for Volpaia, but not only for them.

Federica, what does it mean to have your own wine in the third place of the Wine Spectator TOP 100?

“It’s the fulfilment of a long-cherished dream. The prize I’ve always wanted to give to all the passionate people who work at Volpaia”.

With whom would you like to share this prestigious result?

“With all the people who will open one of our wine bottles, but also with my nephews, which I hope will be proud of our work just like I’m proud of what my father and mother have accomplished. I want to dedicate this prize to my father Carlo”.

Does the fact that it’s a Chianti Classico give you more reason to be proud? We’re talking about a wine that represents a whole territory …

“There is no doubt that the Chianti Classico region and Radda in Chianti deserve this success: the Chianti Classico wine producers have always been working towards quality”.

Can you describe this Riserva 2015? Is the grape from special vineyards? What about the aging process?

“Our Riserva is a 100% Sangiovese wine, obtained from the grape grown with organic farming methods. We’ve selected grapes from eight different parts of the vineyard, thanks to the work of Lorenzo Regoli with the advice of Riccardo Cotarella. The Chianti Classico 2015 best expresses the complexity of the Sangiovese, proving to be the highest expression of the territory it comes from.

What are your future goals after this great result? Will this prize be more of a motivation or a burden?

“I wish I could be burdened like this every day! It’ll definitely be a responsibility, the responsibility not to disappoint expectations”.

Matteo Pucci