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In today’s multimedia world, the finance and investment sectors have greatly expanded their horizons. Until a few years ago, those who wanted to invest their money had to choose one of the traditional products, from stocks to bonds and government bonds, or opt for gold or real estate.

Today the investment trends are changing a great deal, and many alternative products are available: it all started with the foreign currency market, then investors started to focus on silver and even copper. Some people invest in oil, but the latest trend is cannabis.

Yes, this plant has had a lot of success in recent times, due to its use in therapeutic fields and the liberalisation of light cannabis( that doesn’t contain ThC, which is responsible for the resulting “high”). Therefore today it’s not only possible to invest in cannabis, it’s also quite profitable.

For some time now there’s been the tendency to look for alternative investments that offer good returns, given that the economic crisis makes every traditional investment quite risky. Real estate investments are not thriving; gold is no longer considered a secure investment, protected from any fluctuation; stocks and bonds are always a risk; Government bonds cannot offer any guarantees, especially now that Italian bonds are under the scrutiny of the markets.

That’s why, in a similar context, the search for alternative investment products is vital. Returning to cannabis, this sector has recently exploded, reaching a total production value of over 16 billion dollars.

With these positive data, more and more people are looking to the cannabis sector, and it’s no longer the niche it used to be. Future forecasts suggest that the numbers are destined to grow even further.

Today the public attention is alert to the cannabis issue, and the way in which the subject is seen is changing considerably; if once we used to approach it with caution and diffidence, now the subject is addressed in great detail. This has lots of positive implications with regard to investments.