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Painting lesson en plein air among the vineyards of Fattoria dell’Aiola (Vagliagli, Castelnuovo Berardenga), taught by painters Alla Dzhigirei and Boris Zabirokhin. Saturday, 6 October, 3:00 pm.

The course will take place outdoors (en plein air) at Fattoria dell’Aiola, an historic winery in the heart of the Chianti Classico region.

The 100 hectares of the property are covered by vineyards, olive groves and forests. In the center stands a Renaissance villa, flanked by a modern production cellar.

Evocative landscapes with the warm colors of early October will be the source of inspiration for painting from nature.

Other subjects for paintings could be bunches of grapes, bottles of wine or other objects related to the world of wine, with the aim of creating a still life.

The participants will have the opportunity to learn how to choose and arrange the subject, and to evaluate the light to portray it in several ways. Participants will pass step by step through all the phases of creating a painting, from draft to final result.

The leaders of the Masterclass are the Russians Alla Dzhigirei and Boris Zabirokhin, whose reputations reach far beyond the borders of their country of origin.

Alla Dzighirei was born in St. Petersburg in 1964. After completing her studies in Fine Arts, she took part in more than 200 exhibitions of her paintings and graphics in Russia and abroad, winning prizes at various international competitions.

Her works are exhibited in the most prestigious collections of modern art in Russia as well as in various private collections in Russia, Estonia and Germany. Boris Zabirokhin, born in Saint Petersburg in 1947.

He is a versatile painter, able to express the subtlest emotions and strongest passions by using a variety of painting techniques. He has participated in over 300 art exhibitions in Russia and abroad, winning prizes in Slovakia and Russia.

His works are found in various museums and prestigious state and private collections such as the Hermitage of St. Petersburg, the Prague National Gallery, the Vatican Library and others.

The Masterclass is held in English and is open to anyone interested in or passionate about art. Basic knowledge of painting is not required. Participants can choose to leave their finished works at the Aiola gallery or take them home.

Classes will run for 3 hours with a coffee break. The lesson will be preceded by a visit to the winery. The cost is € 50 per person, including materials (paper, brushes, watercolor). Info: 0577 322615.