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A health service is now available to visitors to the Chianti area. In the municipalities of Greve in Chianti, San Casciano, Barberino and Tavarnelle, a medical service is active in various locations provided by local associations.

This health care service is in addition to the 118 Emergency Medical Service and the on-call doctors operating throughout the year. The tourist medical service is aimed at visitors to the Chianti area and is active until 31 August, and will be carried out by GPs who have given their availability in various local clinics.

In order to finance this activity, the Regione Toscana has established a service charge equal to 15 euros for daytime outpatient visits and 25 euros for home visits. First aid services and emergency medical services for accidents at work are free.

During the night the local medical services will still be active, which will apply the above rates for the various services only to non-residents.

The tourist medical service is active on Monday in Tavarnelle at the Misericordia in viale Naldini from 2pm to 7pm, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8am to 1pm and on Saturdays from 2pm to 7pm in Greve in Chianti at the headquarters/offices of ‘Associazione Volontariato Grevigiano’ in via della Pace.

On Thursday in San Casciano from 2pm to 7pm at the Misericordia in piazzetta Simone Martini. The doctors will dedicate the last 90 minutes of each service to home visits.

Information: Misericordia di Tavarnelle 0558076426, Associazione Volontariato Grevigiano 0558544777, Misericordia di San Casciano 055820023.