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2017 closes with great news on the Gallo Nero markets: in fact, for the third consecutive year sales registered more than 37 million bottles of Chianti Classico all over the world. This is an historical milestone for an appellation that boasts a growth of marketed product that in these last eight years – since 2009, the world crisis darkest year – has reached nearly 50%.

USA confirms number one: a bottle of Chianti Classico out of three access this market (33% of total sales, +1% of volume than 2016), a very encouraging figure if considering the latest news on the overtaking (according to the value of sales in the first nine months of 2017) of French wines on national products (source Third Countries Observatory Business Strategies).

For the third consecutive year, also the demand of Chianti Classico in the internal market is growing: today in Italy it is sold 23% of the total of Chianti Classico marketed wines and this confirms Italy at number two of the list of the Gallo Nero markets. The main distribution channel for Chianti Classico wines is still the on-trade, but 2017 also saw a significant rise in off-trade sales (+14,1% of volume and +11,6% of value than 2016, source Infoscan Census).

The chart of the Chianti Classico markets in 2017 is composed of the United States at number one (33%), then Italy with 23% and Germany with 12%. In fourth place, Canada (8%) and then Scandinavian countries (5%), United Kingdom (4%), Switzerland (3%), Japan (3%), Benelux, China and Hong Kong, Russia and France.  

This is the overview of the economic performance of Chianti Classico, one of the top appellations of the Tuscan and national oenology that presents in these days to the Chianti Classico Collection the preview of 2017, 2016 and Riserva 2015 vintages, apart from the new certified wines Gran Selezione.

“We are very satisfied of the Chianti Classico success on the international markets – says Sergio Zingarelli, President of the Consorzio – and the number of bottles sold these latest three years (more than 110 million), a great achievement for our appellation. We are also happy of the positive trend in the United States and the established performance in Canada and all the other historical Gallo Nero markets. Moreover, the further growth registered in Italy pleasantly surprised me. This is a great result after the hard work of relaunching the appellation in these years and culminated with the introduction of Gran Selezione, the new typology of Chianti Classico on the market since 2014. A great wine that further qualified our appellation and had great success by the critics contributing to consolidate the Chianti Classico in the world excellence scene”.

Sergio Zingarelli

From the sale investigation of Gallo Nero led by the Consorzio, Chianti Classico boasts a widespread commercial penetration. Although the sale focus is still high in the historical markets, the Gallo Nero wines reach unusual ones too, beyond the classic commercial routes spreading all over the world: the appellation wines are distributed to more than 130 countries in the world.

“Some years ago, the Consorzio started investing on strengthening its historical markets also through some innovative activities that will allow us to get an increasingly stable and widespread presence in different target countries”, says the president Sergio Zingarelli.

“In addition to usual B2B tasting events – he adds – trade fair participation, giving seminaries on the appellation and the promotion activities through classic channels and social media, we have recently started investing especially on all the Chianti Classico enthusiasts (sommeliers, professionals and lovers) with a project that aims at identifying and rewarding those who know and appreciate our wines since long time: the Chianti Classico Ambassadors.  The first test was successfully carried out last year in Canada, where we selected the first three Chianti Classico Ambassadors (one for each 3 provinces of Québec, Ontario and British Columbia). The next contest session will be in the United States in 2018”.

Every market is important for Chianti Classico – ends Zingarelli – and 2018 will also be the year dedicated to the identification of the best practices to put in place in the foreseeable future, in order to enter new markets and conquer new consumer segments in the emerging markets, as for example, China”.

After ninety-eight years since its foundation, the active members (with producing wineries) of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico – the first Consorzio of winemakers in Italy – are 523, 315 of which are wineries presenting their wines on the market.

Today the Chianti Classico terroir can be rightly defined as a real “productive district” and rely on figures of “large companies”, with a global revenue of more than 700 million euros, a value of wine bottled production of around 400 million euros and, lastly, an olive-growing production of more than 10 million euros.