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From the 6th of January, fans and athletes will be able to register online ( for the second edition of the marathon endorsed by the Chianti Municipalities.

The Chianti Classico Marathon will take place on Sunday 3rd June 2018, in the scenic setting of the world-famous Chianti hills. This is a great experience born out of the passion of a group of young runners from Mercatale.

Started in the seventies, the event became a race of national significance, and today it returns thanks to four municipalities, San Casciano, Tavarnelle, Barberino and Greve, and the Podistica Valdipesa association.

Organized under the patronage of the Regione Toscana, in collaboration with the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico and ChiantiBanca, this year the Chianti Classico Marathon has some new features such as the marathon dedicated to children.

A half-kilometre journey that invites kids to try out a sport that brings people together, an exciting experience that creates the opportunity to spend a Sunday outdoor in the company of other runners.

The marathon has three different routes: the 43 km Ultra Trail, the 21 km Trail and the 10 km Nordic Walking.

For those enrollin in the first week, from 6th to 13th January 2018, the race package will be even richer. Info: