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There are wolves, foxes, roe deer. Pheasants and wild boars, hares, birds and owls. Gorgeous pictures, where the beauty of nature is masterly captured. Shots that are the result of a patient and silent work done by someone with a real passion for nature.

The photographer is Tommaso Nuti, from the Chianti, 40, radiology technician at Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital. He’s the nature photographer whose shots are being showcased for a month at the Castello del Nero in Tavarnelle.

“I’d like to thank ” he says, “all the staff of the Castello, who were very kind to organise this small exhibition which I hope will be appreciated by its guests and by everybody else, since it is open to all the public”.

General manager of Castello del Nero Fabio Datteroni and Tommaso Nuti

Tommaso’s photos of local wildlife are truly spectacular: “These aren’t easy shots to take – he explains – because these animals are not used to men, they are wary and suspicious, easily scared by the faintest noise or smell”.

That is why Tommaso has to move with great care in fields and forests. He uses camouflaging, camera traps and a great dose of patience: “I need to understand how the animal moves, its habits, its movements. Only then I can figure out where to position myself and take pictures without disturbing it”.

His photos have already been appreciated by the Castello’s guests – amazed by Tommaso’s art and his mastery in representing the local fauna. Besides, we are more used to seeing portraits of exotic animals.

For Tommaso this is the greatest satisfaction: “I feel like I’m contributing, even if in a small way, to honouring the wonderful inhabitants of the natural world around us.”

The exhibition, with free admission, will be open to the public until November 26th and is held in the premises of Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa. Info: 055 806470

Matteo Pucci