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His paintings invite you to get to the essence of the landscape, to visit the Chianti region and to explore its long, bright horizons. Paintings that, with ample brush strokes, portray the relationship between the land and the changing seasons.

In the paintings of Valerio Mirannalti, on display at the San Francesco Museum until September 17th, the thousand faces of Chianti come to life, through the trips and the tours made by the same artist.

The exhibition is called “Chianti oilonwood Landscapes Painted in the Chianti”, and it’s organized by the Municipality of Greve in Chianti.

It shows twenty-five portraits of hills, landscapes, villages, country churches and other symbols of the Chianti region, realized on site by the author over the course of 2017.

Mirannalti, who comes from Fiesole, observes, explores and paints the Chianti. A land rich in inspiration that the Florentine master has illustrated on wood with oil paint in lush colours.

“Every work has been realised en plein air – I have visited and depicted Montefioralle, Spedaluzzo, Panzano, Lucolena, the churches of Sillano and Mugnana, Vicchiomaggio and many other places. I really had to portray the secular art and architectural treasures around Greve, such as Badia in Passignano and Castellina in Chianti. It’s an invitation to get to know the Chianti through a visual path into nature and beauty”.

Opening hours of the exhibition: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 4pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. Free admission.