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Small villages where time has stood still, cultural locations which protect the memory of the large historic towns facing the city.

Until September 30, you can play with the “Passaporto dei Borghi Italiani” and become “Viaggiatore dell’Anno dei Borghi”.

It is easy to participate. Visit one of the many localities taking part in the project, which is promoted by Borghi – Viaggio Italiano who also embraces “le Case della Memoria”.

Among these are also the Tuscan homes of Arezzo, Firenze, Livorno, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato e Siena.

Borghi-Viaggio Italiano is an initiative of 18 Italian regions together with Mibact.  Emilia Romagna is at the head of the list to give value to 1000 villages, representing slow tourism, authenticity, and quality-of-life.

Among the destinations, thanks to the collaboration of the “Associazione nazionale Case della Memoria”, there are also 63 museums dedicated to learning about people important to Italian culture.


Casa Lorenzo Corsini (Clemente XII) detta Villa Le Corti (San Casciano)

From the interior to the coast, we dive into the heritage of tradition, art, production, food/wine and quality-of-life: until September 30, you can travel and play with the “Passaporto dei Borghi Italiani”, by downloading the free App, PassaBorgo.

Case della Memoria, gives you a digital stamp which allows you to take advantage of a hospitality offer. Collected stamps give you the opportunity to become village traveler of the year, “Viaggiatore dell’Anno dei Borghi”.

On the list of the Case della Memoria in Tuscany are Casa Niccolò Machiavell, called l’Albergaccio (San Casciano) and Casa Lorenzo Corsini (Clemente XII), called Villa Le Corti (San Casciano).