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The positive signs in 2017 for Italian tourism are also visible in Tuscany. As we near Ferragosto almost all rooms are taken: the latest data from Federalberghi show an increase in Italians in respect to a year ago and the confirmation of international tourism.

The first estimates put out by Federalberghi on the national level indicate an increase of 3.2% of Italians in relation to 2016, with 34.4 million Italians traveling.

The turnover is 22 billion euros (+2.2% more than last year.) Confindustria Alberghi, according to its own estimates, indicates an average of +2 of reservations of tourists in the “art” cities (most in the second week of August), and in particular for Florence where it points to 2.2% more reservations made by Italians during the week including Ferragosto.

“Summer”, comments the regional assessor, Stefano Ciuoffo, “is doing well all over Tuscany: in the arts cities, along the very hot coast, in the cool mountains, in villages and along paths, and it is even doing better than the positive estimates we had given at the beginning of the summer, which were around +2.5%. The love of foreigners for our region has been confirmed, Italians have shown a strong return as well”.

“The public data given a few days ago by Eurostat is also very interesting,” adds  Ciuoffo. “According to this, around half of the citizens of the European Union, precisely 49%, reserved their vacations for 2016 on the Internet. This confirms, for Tuscany, the large growth of the online tourist market and gratified the hard work and commitment in this area”.

“In September as well,” he concludes, “we will report on tourism in Tuscany with the results of the survey commissioned by the Toscana Promozione Turistica”.