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The extraordinary 12th edition of “Chianti in Musica”, which took place in San Donato in Poggio from July 22 to July 29, had 41 students signed up.

The students, from 8 to 26 years old from all over the world were united by music. The young and very young participants are serious, hard-working, and dedicated.

For them, the lessons represent the sacred moment of learning and improving. The concerts are an occasion to become responsible.

The special formula of “Chianti in Musica” also includes fun events which are much appreciated by the students and an opportunity to create strong friendships.

At the end of the festival, let’s focus the spotlight on the protagonists of the last performance which the entire town enjoyed. Here are some of their incredible stories.

“I have fun playing the violin,” begins Beatrice Formenton whose mother is Chinese and father is Italian.  She lives in Milano and is one of the youngest of “Chianti in Musica”.

“After the courses at the international school, I have been admitted to the Conservatorio of Milano”. “It’s the third time I’ve come here,” she adds, timid but always smiling. “I like to play with the others. I will definitely be back next year”.

“I began to play the piano at 6 years old,” begins Fares Al Habboubi, 16, born and raised in Milan, but with origins in the Middle East. “I graduated from the Conservatory and am continuing my studies in New York where I live”.

“Whether I’m happy or sad, playing helps me.” Fares transmits his passion with a few words. “I have been coming to San Donato for 4 years. There are many students with my same love for music: we understand each other”.

“We had an old piano in our house that was used as a piece of furniture,” adds Elisabetta Formenton, 15, Beatrice’s sister. “First I studied at the international school and now I am at the Conservatorio in Bergamo. I adore discovering new pieces and authors”.

“This is my fourth time here,” says Elisabetta, polite and quiet. “The best part of this experience is learning from others: teachers and students. I was very happy here. The town is really welcoming”.

“I have been playing the cello for almost 20 years,” ends Teresa Majno, 26 years old from Geneva, resident in Milano. My family pushed me and I am grateful. I study the lute and frequent a group of chamber and Baroque music”.

“I appreciate the professional but relaxing Chianti atmosphere,” she continues. “The instructors are excellent and the food is delicious. In other words, it is a paradise and I feel privileged to be a part of it”.

“Music is at the center of my life,” concludes Teresa with a deep thought. Quoting Tolstoy, she says, “ ‘it makes me feel that which I don’t feel in reality.’ It is a language that transmits so much and has no limits”.

Noemi Bartalesi