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Marco Giuri is a self-made man. He created his studio (Studio Giuri Avvocati, in Florence with 10 attorneys) starting from zero, through intuition and courageous choices.

“Also by chance,” he tells us smiling. “Like when I was hired by Antinori in 1998 in their personnel office. I had a degree in law and ended up there because the person who did the hiring saw something in me. After a year, upon my request, they changed my position in the company”.

For this reason the winery of San Casciano created (“probably for the first time for this sector in Italy”) an internal legal office with Giuri in charge.

“They understood that it could present an opportunity,” he says. “Dr. Renzo Cotarella, Dr. Fabrizio Panattoni and the Marquis, Piero Antinori believed in and invested in this branch of the company”.

And it worked…but Marco isn’t the type to maintain the status quo. “After a few years, I proposed following trial situations and from there I began to follow other companies in the group. I left my job at Antinori and opened up an office by myself, thus making a choice that was against the norm”.

“I understood – he continues – that the world of wine didn’t have specialized people in the field. I began to have relationships with brands close to Antinori: Tasca d’Almerita, Falesco, Tenuta di Biserno, Marchesi Mazzei, Argentiera. With the area of Montalcino an the consortium, Bolgheri, Franciacorta and Sicily, the  Consorzio del Chianti Classico and the consortiums in general”.

MarcoGiuri2Creating a young, hungry studio which takes care of everything regarding wineries: “International and national contracts, external relations, export development. Also, credit recovery in Italy. Abroad? Payment is always made in advance, therefore there aren’t problems”.

But the credit recovery that is done by the Giuri studio is unusual. It is a sort of  “Trip Advisor” available to wineries: “We try to share information with the wineries that follow us. We have created a scale and can tell, for example, if certain clients are problematic”.

“It is tiring and time sensitive work,” he underlines. “But it functions well. We created our own registry which we offer our companies. We send alerts if we have negative sensations. It is artisanal because we take care of our clients. We sometimes tell them not to try and recuperate funds, because we know that it isn’t possible. Those who trust us, appreciate this”.

“I think that we were the first to confront wine in this way,” he concludes. “And I think that in the world of wine we are considered to be number one in Italy. In fact, many lawyers at the national level have contacted us and asked to create partnerships. But we continue in this way, working every day to better ourselves: we were the first, but we don’t stop. We always look ahead”.

Matteo Pucci