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Looking for a tour, quick travel, wedding, parachute jumping, photos or aerial videos? From Chianti in helicopter? No problem: here’s Helichianti!

Born thanks to the Italian leader in helicopter travel, Helichianti offers a “package” of complete flights to satisfy the requests of an always more demanding tourist need in Tuscany.


“Our base,” explains Helichianti, “is situated in Tavarnelle, in the heart of Chianti, and allows us, with a short flight, to reach all of the important locations of Tuscany (and not only Tuscany). We guarantee a professional service at the top of safety standards, with highly specialized personnel and professional pilots with decades of experience”.

Here are some examples:  Tour “Cuore del Chianti e dei suoi castelli” (Chianti and its castles), with a stop at the Castello di Brolio: take-off from HeliChianti, fly over the Castelli di Albola and Meleto, and land at the Castello di Brolio.

Or the “Tour of the Castello di Banfi”: flight over Siena with landing at the Castello Banfi. Stop for a tour and wine tasting. Return flight over Monteriggioni and its medieval walls. The tour lasts almost 3 hours, flight of 42-45 minutes.

And then there are the following: “Tour Alpi Apuane and Cave di Marmo” (marble caves); “Tour Versilia and the Cinque Terre”; “Tour Versilia, Cinque Terre e Cave di Marmo”; “Tour Island of Capraia”… .

In addition, all services are personalized. For details and information regarding costs:,; 3351329330; 3355865008.