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The 71st Festa de l’Unità in San Casciano begins on Thursday, June 22, and continues until Juy 9. As always, it will take place on the hillside of the “Poggione” (Parco Dante Tacci).

You will be able to dine at the food stand or under the stars at the newest part of the outdoor restaurant, where you can view shows, live concerts and debates on the central stage.

As usual, the Tribù Bar will be there with a rich program of concerts and debates for the youngest; the ludoteca “Il Bufalo d’acqua” will offer fun for children of all ages and a cycle of meetings for the older viewers will hear themes tied to parenthood.

The bookstore “Tempolibri” will also be present. Newcomers include the gelato stand “L’Osteria del Dolce” that will offer hand made ice cream and high quality desserts.


Themes tied to local politics will feature an interview with the Mayor of San Casciano Massimiliano Pescini, on opening day (Thursday, June 22), and themes regarding the national political agenda.

The honorable Anna Ascani and Emanuele Fiano will appear on Friday, July 7.

We will also take a general look at society: on Monday, June 26, we will speak about soccer with “Il calcio dalla Prima alla Terza Repubblica”, where guests Mario Tenerani (Lady Radio), Stefano Carobbi and Moreno Roggi (former Florentina soccer star), Osvaldo Sabato (journalist) and Fabio Incatasciato (Secretary of the Metropolitano PD) will participate.

In addition to politics, there will be many shows and concerts; Sunday, June 25, “Street Clerks”, a Florentine group which became popular for their appearance on X-Factor and for their collaboration with Alessandro Cattelan, will perform.

Part of the program is dedicated to culture through the collaboration with the new Florentine magazine  “Edera”, which will present 2 books by young authors on Wednesday and Thursday, July 5 and 6.