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From San Casciano to the world motor cycle scene, “motomondiale”. Duccio Pistolesi, 32, went from the kitchen of the Oliviero restaurant to that of SkyracingteamVr46, where Valentino Rossi’s prospects ride.

Duccio….from San Casciano to the “circus” of “motomondiale”. How did that happen?…

“The choice to enter the world of SkyracingteamVr46 was born from the passion for the sport of motorcycles. When I was contacted last year, I said yes without hesitating. Even if it was winter and I was in Brazil as a culinary consultant: I was tempted to stay in Brazil, in flip-flops and bermuda shorts. But luckily I chose this fantastic experience. The sun and the sea, the waves and coconut milk are there waiting for me. You only live once, right?”.


Duccio with chef Bruno Barbieri

Tell us a bit about your daily routine.

“The day begins at 6:15 AM. I enter the kitchen, which is in the truck in which we sleep, and begin to prepare breakfast for the pilots and mechanics. After breakfast, from 9:30 AM to 11 AM, according to the category, I have to prepare lunch for the pilots. Before they ride, the pilots eat something decided by nutritionists: even though what they do doesn’t seem strenuous, it is hard work and they consume a lot of energy. During those hours, we have to prepare lunch for team guests, mechanics, the sponsors and journalists of Sky. At noon, they eat as well. In the afternoon some pilots want a snack, while others prefer to rest. At 6 PM the aperitif for our guests begins, all prepared in our truck mini-kitchen; small but always well-organized. 7:45 PM is dinner: the pilots follow a diet generally made up of one course containing carbohydrates, protein and fiber. For the mechanics, guests and those of the Vr46 there are no limits and they can eat what they want. At 11 PM, everything ends and we go to sleep…ready to start again”.

What has changed for you?


Photo by Leo Feltran

“I have always worked on paper or taught at the Cordon Bleu of Florence. Therefore, almost everything has changed in my professional career, I have had buffet experience, but not at this level. In addition to the pilots, we have to serve 300 people a day between breakfast, lunch and dinner. In minute spaces: at the base are organization, precision and experience”.


Do you have an objective for the future?

“One day I will have my own restaurant. From this experience, you learn many things that will help you better your craft. For that reason, I am not in a hurry to open a place and make money, because the more experience you have, the more successful you will be; sacrifice, hard work and dedication. It is like in sport; if you practice, you obtain something. But you have to sweat. Nothing is given to you”.

Caffe Pascucci - Foto Leo Feltran - 17/11/2016

Photo by Leo Feltran

Do you have particular dishes or requests?

“In our restaurant, we cook a very healthy Italian cuisine. I avoid fried foods or very fatty foods, but the meals are tasty. In some cases, the food is even better: I have to avoid garlic, because if a pilot suffers indigestion at 300 km/hour, it is a problem. I don’t want to even think about it. The dishes must follow a line dictated by the dieticians therefore containing all nutrients. But sometimes our boys have to be happy, so if the organizers or I don’t see it…they’ll have a piece of cake”.

Do you have the opportunity to speak to the pilots of the MotoGP? How do they behave at the table?

“That is fundamental. I must speak to them to see how they are and what they want. I interact with Migno, Bagnaia, Manzi and Bulega every day. And when the official races are less crowded, I even speak with “capo Vale” who comes to visit his boys in the Academy. They are very polite at the table: they are professionals and know that their body, if well nourished in the right time frame, performs better”.

Matteo Pucci