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The highly anticipated Rock Tower Fest, summer festival sponsored by the Torre neighborhood, returns to San Casciano on Saturday and Sunday, June 17 and 18 where it will light up the Parco del Poggione between good music and food.

At 7:30 Pm on Saturday, a fantastic dinner: antipasto toscano, pasta with wild boar (alternatives available for children and vegetarians), mixed grill, ice cream, water and wine.

The “Grigliatorre” consists of spare ribs, pancetta, chicken and sausage, and is accompanied by French fries.  The high quality meat comes from artisanal butcher shops.

If you buy the dinner in advance, there is a small discount. You can make your purchase at the Latteria Marranci or the Ceroni Photographers (Studio L) in via Morrocchesi.


Following dinner, at 9:45 PM, two groups will play pop-rock with a cover by various international artists and original pieces written by the groups, “I fuori score” and “Radick Rock”.

Starting at 7:30 PM on Sunday, a more informal dinner based on  hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and lampredotto “which,” says the yellowgreen contrada, “is our special Sunday offering”.

The official cover band for Jovanotti will begin its concert at 9:45 PM with “I pensieri positivi – Una tribù che balla”, a show that echoes Lorenzo’s concerts.