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On April 30 a new chapter of the “Eroica” will be written with a format for success. “Nova Eroica Buonconvento” signifies the reopening of unpaved roads for modern bicycles on one of the permanent itineraries of the race.

“Of course, the concept is very synthetic,“ explains Giancarlo Brocci, first creator of the Eroica, “but our philosophy has never been controlled by black and white. The good old times are like an old-fashioned movie. We represent the beauty of fatigue and the taste for achievement. We designed the project for professionals and have recently been promoted to World Tour, after only nine years of life with the name “Strade Bianche” (unpaved roads)”.


Giancarlo Brocci (foto di Chianti Tellers)

“On October 9, 2007,” claims Brocci, “the then ‘Montepaschi Eroica’ was born as a collateral event of the Eroica of Gaiole in Chianti. You can view photos on the site and in 2008, still with that name, Cancellara was the winner”.

“Our vision,” he continues, “brought back the idea of non-asphalt roads in grand cycling, Even with races with segments, we are introducing new and spectacular technical elements, the capacity to master the cycle, the minor influence of the team, the unforeseen, courage and the strategy to enliven the path of the race”.

“At the Nova Eroica,” he concludes, “we will also introduce important traces of the competitive spirit, with some timed sections; when lived in a clean and intellectually healthy way, we don’t criticize this. We are extremely proud that the children of many champions have written the epic of the Novecento. Nova Eroica will try to find the right mix of competition which has always been the salt of all sports as well as the pleasure of an elevated performance. But one will also live together with his own team, looking around and sharing moments of conviviality and friendship”.

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