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The first appointment of the year with Galileo’s science is set for Saturday, February 21, at 9 PM. An explanation will be given by the scientific director of the Polyfunctional Observatory of Chianti (OPC), the astrophysicist, Emanuele Pace.

The observatory is located in the countryside between Barberino Val d’Elsa, Tavarnelle and Castellina in Chianti. This is a special edition of an astronomical visit where you can observe the sky through a reproduction of instruments used by the celebrated scientist as well as with modern telescopes.

It is an event not to be missed! This astronomic journey begins far away: the instruments used by Galileo for his research, perfectly reconstructed, will highlight the experience in which the real protagonists will be the visitors.

Knowledgeably led by Emanuele Pace, you will learn how to orient yourself in the nocturnal sky thanks to the constellations visible in our hemisphere. You can emerge yourself in the science and physics of the 1600s, learning to use Galileo’s telescope as well as the “Giovilabio” (an instrument used by the celebrated scientist to study Jupiter’s satellites).

There will be a real dive from the dome into the cosmos with the eye of the telescope pointed on the furthest celestial objects, like the galaxies and stellar masses. You will be transported by emotions which have always fascinated and conditioned the human being.

Very few places are available. The cost is €12. Info: