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Tuscany has approved a law that gives incentives to whom recuperates abandoned buildings in rural areas.

The proposal, presented by the regional government, was approved by the council, thus making the modified Ir 65/2014 law.This will protect the landscape and fight against the deterioration of the countryside.

“The new law for the recovery of our rural building heritage”, explains the regional assessor of city planning, Vincenzo Ceccarelli, “reinforces the principles that underlie the regional urban laws. To to limit the consummation of the territory and to valorize existing structures which have often been abandoned. Our objective is to requalify the territory and to improve building. Growing incentives are foreseen as anti-sysmic measures and energy savings are applied to the restructuring”.

The new law establishes the ways and incentives with which the recuperation of abandoned country dwellings can occur.

For example, the possibility exists for those dwellings which aren’t tutored by conservative repairs, to increase in volume according to improvements in energy efficiency and sismic security.

Reduction in local taxes are also foreseen. This is projected with the exception of building in areas with increased hydraulic and geomorphologic risks; in other words, in areas where settlement is not to be encouraged.

(Photo by Lorenzo Bojola)