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Tuscan wines will present their new arrivals to the world in one of the most popular events for international buyers. On Friday and Saturday, February 10 and 11, 2017 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, BuyWine will present its 7th edition.

The workshop of the Tuscan region, organized in collaboration with PromoFirenze, confirms itself as the most important commercial initiative of the Tuscan wine sector. Importers from all over the world will attend.


Marco Remaschi

Marco Remaschi

“We confirm the efforts of the region to build an integrated system of Tuscan wine and food promotion. It is a network where all involved, single and associated producers, consortiums, and territories, speak to the world with a single voice,” says Marco Remaschi, assessor of agriculture of the region of Tuscany.

“There will be a new format for 2017,” he revealed, “where a united association of Tuscan wine producers will present itself to the world; from ProWein in Dusseldorf to Vinexpo in Bordeaux (two important dates), then to BuyWine and Anteprime in Tuscany. In a global market which is always tougher and more competitive, Tuscan wine will face new challenges in a coordinated manner, through a network of single operators, both locally and internationally”.

“This is an event that sees the collaboration between the Tuscany region and its chambers, with the objective of reinforcing the image of Tuscany in Italy and the world as a unique expression of excellence and guarantee of origin”, added Claudio Bianchi, president of PromoFirenze and vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence.

The 2017 edition opens its doors to 210 Tuscan wineries and as many buyers arriving from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Benelux, South East Asia and other countries.

Exhibitors will have training, explanations about target markets, the use of a digital matching platform as well as updates regarding technical promotions on the web.

During the last edition of BuyWine, 5,600 B2B meetins were set up with buyers from 34 different countries. 86% of the operators were satisfied. During the previous 6 editions, 27,500 meetings took place between 1360 sellers and 1530 importers and thousands of transactions between Tuscan producers and international importers occured.

BuyWine 2017 will take place in conjunction to the initiative, “Anteprime di Toscana”, 10 days of events where Tuscan Consortiums which regulate wine will present and discuss new vintages to agents and journalists from all over the world.