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On Saturday, November 19, in the hall of the Gaiole Philharmonic, the dinner for volunteers and organizers of the 20th edition of the Eroica, an historic rally of historic cycling, took place.

The evening, dedicated to those who volunteered to make the 20th anniversary of the event possible, was the right moment to take stock of the situation.

This was done by Giancarlo Brocci, first promoter of the “modello Eroica”, together with its pioneer organizers, Monica Licitra, Claudio Marinangeli, Rita Capotondi, Franco Gatterelli, Cecilia Parrini, Furio Giannini and Luigina Nassi.

The most recent edition of the historic bicycle race was once again a grand success. 7100 signed up and the race proceded without a mishap. Participants were satisfied with the information (both nation and international) that they received, and the organizers of Gaiole were thrilled.

Eroica has acquired an internation reputation. The historic race is well known, and shortly, similar, coordinated events will take place in Uruguay and Australia.

Brocci just came back from an important meeting in Rome, in preparation for other developments that took place that same mornoing. A formidable promotional instrument has been created for Tuscany in the world, thanks to the proud 20 year past of the event. Improvements in Gaiole are also being planned regarding the organization and development of initiatives to promote cycling.

One of these is the creation of a permanent museum dedicated to historic bycicles in collaboration with the Brolio Castle. The Mayor of Gaiole, Michele Pescini, greeted the volunteers and reminded them of the importance of the event for Gaiole.

In addition to the economic and publicity aspect, important in the community of Chianti, participants become familiar with the area and become authentic “citizens of Gaiole”, even if they are residents somewhere else or speak other languages. The evening, in addition to the excellent dinner, took place in a convivial climate.

There were acknowledgments for all of the volunteers and extras for the ladies. There was also solidarity for the people hit by the recent earthquakes in central Italy, with concrete support under the auspices of a lottery.

The organizers thanked all for the spontaneous and joyous climate of the race and the kindness and welcoming of the participants. These values and atmosphere are the soul of the Eroica and are at the base of its success.