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With our periodic — or more correctly sporadic — “Letter from Panzano”, we believe we have respected our premises and held up to our promises.

We’ve addressed you as friends, telling both  local stories passed down through the ages, and facts about recent times because, as Dario says, we are like trees whose roots reach down into tradition, and whose crowns reach up toward the sky, toward the future, filled with hopes, dreams, joys, projects…

: fast foo

One of these projects-in-the-making is “Cecchini Panini”.

What is it? It’s a new ethnic concept of fast food: fast food that belongs to a people.

Frenetic Dario will offer the food of Chianti, to be enjoyed easily and joyfully. Good food for a good price.

We can do it. And we will!

Where will it be? It will be in the historical center of town, up the hill in Panzano Alto, where guests will have an amazing view over the Pesa and Greve valleys. Dario’s new spaces are in one part of the historical Castle of Firidolfi, next to the Armory Room that can be found right around the corner.

Without delving into the History, with a capital “H”, of the complex, suffice it to say that the Armory room dates back perhaps 1000 years.  In 2004, just after Dario bought the space, Miriam dug through the “ricordi” of Panzano’s elders, to find they have very vivid memories of the space:  “The nuns’ big room!” Indeed, for many, many years, from all the way back in the 1800s, the Armory Room was part of  a kindergarten run by local nuns, a school that all of Panzano’s children (of a certain age) attended.

And so we filled a briefcase with lovely memories: “The value of a place” which we might one day publish.

Meanwhile our mouth is watering, waiting for “Cecchini Panini”!

Miriam Serni Casalini e Dario Cecchini

Sun in Scorpio 2016