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An airbrush is a type of pen which contains color in the tank and is regulated by a trigger, causing the color to comes out weaker or stronger.

Invented in the 1980s, it is used in various ways: for murals, clothing and cosmetics. Although it is versatile, it requires precision and experience, qualities embodied in Maurizio Fusi, creator of MauDesign (seen here in the photo by Marco Belli).

14Maurizio, 38 year old from Sambuca, opened a workshop in Chianti about 10 years ago. Out of his favorite pastime evolved a business. By spraying brilliant toned paint, he decorates any type of surface. The protagonist of his work is the helmet. You can see a gamma of objects where this airbrush magician lends his personality. on the blog,

“I have always had a passion for design”, says Maurizio. “I attended the Art Institute at 15 years old and began to learn about techniques used to create personalized helmets that I saw on TV and in magazines. Thus, I bought an airbrush”.

“I left school and became a carpenter. But I continued with my hobby: after work, and in the garage, I had fun doodling. I met a professor at a show in Milano and took his course to learn how to use the instrument”.

“In 2007”, he continues, “I quit work and opened a professional shop. It has been growing since then. In addition to privat4e clients, I have auto and motorbike pilots. I have been working for a young man on the World motor team of Valentino Rossi”.

“Airbrushing is a a technique requiring graphics and artisanship”, he says. “First I develop the design requested on the computer and then I paint the object. Over the last few years I have been using stylized or cartoon type forms instead of realistic ones”.

“I like both two wheeled and four wheeled vehicles”, he explains. “I own a motorcycle. When I was little, I went with my dad to see races. Now it is satisfying to be able to help from the pit”.

”I love my job and all it involves”, concludes Maurizio. “I fall in love with every creation., and once finished, I would like to keep it. One of the most complex works that I created on a motorcycle helmet is a reproduction of the Archangel Gabriel”.

Noemi Bartalesi