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For Leonardo Romanelli, giornalist, food critic, kitchen expert and cook, wine connoisseur… 2016 was a very unusual wine harvest.

With “La vendemmia in diretta” (“Wine harvest live”), on Teleregione, he brought the TV camera into the vineyard. He paid particular attention to the area of Chianti Classico where he visited around 10 wine producers.

We will present the videos, as a “road movie” about the harvest, where grape collection and Chianti becomes a lighthearted story about people and wine.

We start with Romanelli’s final opinion, as he tells WeChianti exclusively how he lived this experience and what Chianti Classico we can expect for 2016.What is the “health” status of our wine?

Leonardo Romanelli, you followed the harvest on direct TV with Teleregione. How was your experience?

“Visiting a winery during the period of the harvest is a great sensation. You can read the tension, emotion, and mixed feelings. Obviously, each year is different from the last. I would say that you have the real perception of the viticulturist craft, which still depends on what nature decides”.

We are talking particularly about the Chianti Classico wineries that you’ve visited. What is your opinion on the wine panorama?

“Chianti Classico is a territory that is unique. It has characteristics that tie together various territories like a red thread, but it is incredible to note the climactic, environmental, and geologic differences, making it a zone that exhalts passion. You can discover new things at every visit”.

Making a general evaluation, how is our top wine doing, and according to you, what does the future hold?

“Chianti Classico is alive and well in those areas where it has been able to create a  recognizable identity, in image as well as in taste. The passage from a food product to a fine drinking product has already been accomplished, but we are now beginning to see the benefits at an economic level. Of course, we have to try a little harder to preserve the image at an international level”.

Is there a Chianti Classico to which you are particularly attached?

“It is difficult to name just one. I feel tied to the territory and each wine attracts me for different reasons”.

Matteo Pucci