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A cultural initiative, free and important for children: ”This is a rare thing today,” says Fernando Guerrieri, President of the Chorus of Voci Bianche Colli Fiorentini, “perhaps so rare that many don’t believe in it and don’t give value to the children’s interest. Many tell me that we should make them pay, because if it is free the parents won’t be engaged”.


We are speaking about the Coro Voci Bianche Colli Fiorentini: “Our association,” continues Guerrieri, “thanks to private financing and income from some concerts for foreigners, can offer membership in the chorus for all children who want to learn how to sing”.

“It doesn’t matter if they know how to sing or not”, he tells us.” In the chorus everyone learns to sing in addition to the many benefits which help grow their ego. We only ask parents to divide encourage and participate with enthusiasm in what the children do”.



He reminds us that “the chorus has always distinguished itself, qualifying among the winners of contests and concerts abroad. Our director, Silvia Lotti, is qualified in many areas of music, and together we founded the chorus in 2003 with many wonderful results. It is a wonderful memory for chorus members who are now adults”.

Trials will take place on Wednesday afternoon at 6:30 PM in Tavarnelle and on Saturday afternoon at 4 PM in Castellina in Chianti. The chorus offers other activities for children as well: parties, recitals, trips, films, books. A book with the childrens’ recipes will be published shortly.”

If interested, you can contact:  www.corovocibianche.comcoro@corovocibianche.com3356483347.