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“The security of farmworkers is of value equal to the security of what we eat. Whoever makes money from training courses, creating fake and or useless certificates, must be punished”.

So declared Simone Ciampoli, Director of Coldiretti Florence-Prato, after newspapers reported fake certifications which are under investigation by the Guardia di Finanza.

“In order to provide practical and theoretical instruments which reduce health risks and risk of life for farmworkers,” explains Ciampoli, “there is a training system which respects both national and regional laws and is carried out by accredited organizations like the ‘Centro Assistenza Imprese (the center of assistance for businesses) Coldiretti Toscana’. It is important that farms not trust those who sell training courses at a low price and with little effort in terms of hours of attendance”.

“In the case in point, in the area of Mugello,” explains Coldiretti, “we hypothesize that they organized, but only on paper, training courses for driving farm vehicles, tractors and other vehicles”.

The new rules regarding this are in the crucial phase of application. And this phase helps the dishonest. In fact, to augment safety in the fields, it is foreseen that workers have a specific licence regarding driving farm vehicles.

This is obtained after having frequented a theory and practical course in driving tractors, those with wheels and not. This qualifying course is not necessary for those who already have experience, at least two out of the last 10 years. H

owever, even those with such experience must attend a refresher course, to be repeated (by everybody) every five years.