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On Sunday, October 2nd, the exhausting but fascinating commemoration of pioneering cycling, L’Eroica, made a stop in Badia a Passignano.

On the same day, a very complicated organization with its center in Gaiole in Chianti saw fans from all over the world meet to relive the legend of difficult pedaling, between sweat and dust.

The obligatory vintage bicycles and clothing were welcome. There were more than 7000 entrants who were distributed along five calibrated paths offering different possibilities.

The longest segment was 209 km, but the course called “Chianti Classico”, with its 115 km of difficult roads, more than 2400 meters of difference in level, and mostly “white” roads was also defined as exhausting.

The Chianti Classico path pushed to the north in respect to Gaiole, and crossed the territory of the Township of Tavarnelle, touching the Township of San Casciano in the localities of Fabbrica and Santa Maria Macerata.

After touching points in San Casciano, the cyclists return to the area of Tavarnelle, towards Badia a Passignano. There, to meet them, at around the 80th kilometer of their effort, was a refreshment point and controls managed by the Cyclists of Montefiridolfi.

Not all of the 600 signed up for that itinerary arrived, but many reached it and had refreshments. Even the provisions kept the theme: energy bars and drinks were not offered.

Instead, there were bowls of pasta, bread with jam, and abundant bread and olive oil. The refreshments continued with various types of fruit and slices of cake. In addition to water to drink and to fill their canteens, there was the always present glass of good wine.

At the stopping point, in addition to the obligatory stamp, there were “flying” reparations for the historic bicycles which had undergone a serious effort. Among other issues, the strangest was a stuck pedal.

Although the few tools available didn’t work, a once over with extra version olive oil did the trick. The good weather contributed to the success of the event.

But above all, the happiness and conviviality of the cyclists, not obsessed by the order of arrival, but attentive to the places that were traveled, produced fun and satisfaction for both participants and organizers. Celebrating the history of cycling made everybody happy.