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The new video created by the young artist, Giovanni Berdondini, composer and pianist, is online starting Friday, September 30. It is called “Chianti Sound”.

In the Heart of Chianti from classic to rag

Filmed between dawn and dusk in one of the most suggestive locations of our peninsula, the video is a fresco of colors and sounds, vibrations and shades.

Three pianos play among castles, olive groves, and hills. Hands run across the keyboard, the vineyards design labyrinths, the light breaks the notes, music becomes landscape. It is a refined synesthesia which intertwines the extremes of the classical with a new and younger music.

A dance of sounds and images

The initial 12 chords, in slow and vibrant crescendo, explode in the syncopated rhythm of the conductor. A counterpoint of arpeggios, scales and octaves harmonizes the three pianos in a continuous intertwining of metallic and passionate sounds.

In this way a new style is born, composed by the artist to donate to his land what it had inspired. Variety, culture, stupor, passion. “It is a theme for a soprano”, affirms Berdondini, “turned into a frenetic and exhalting dance. It is the beginning of the magnetic voyage of sounds and images which I dedicated to the marvels of our land”.

Pianist and composer

Giovanni Berdondini graduated with honors in piano at the Cherubini conservatory of Florence. He perfected his playing with Pietro De Maria at the Music school of Fiesole.

He combines his classical repertory with his own creations. Recently, in July 2016,  he played at the “Festival dei Due Mondi” in Spoleto, interpreting pieces by Clementi, Schubert, Chopin, Debussy and Ravel.

He owes his first stimuli as a composer to search for new expressive avenues to Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. He has composed and performed piano sonatas, pieces for winds, “lieder” and MindOut, a concert for piano and electric guitar.