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“20 years of emotions, sweat and fatigue on pedals for L’Eroica, a festival which has become important to Gaiole residents and popular in the entire world. Every year, we try to improve it, from the events to the logistics, in order to allow participants to live the beauty of our territory and the lands of Siena to the fullest”.

With these words, Michele Pescini, Mayor of Gaiole in Chianti, salutes the 20th edition of the race, which will take place on Sunday, October 2. It will cross a large part of the province of Siena. Departure and arrival are from Gaiole in Chianti, where numerous initiatives and improvements are expected.

“In order to greet participants in the best way possible and to make Gaiole in Chianti the center of many events,”  Pescini adds, “this year 3.000 parking spaces will be available, outlined clearly and overseen by the volunteers of the Racchetta. There will also be a shuttle available from Tiemme Mobilità  to the Castello di Brolio, where it will be possible to visit the Museum of the Bicycle and the new Eroica Cafè”.

“L’Eroica”,  Pescini says, “has introduced Gaiole in Chianti to the world, and today represents a wonderful occasion to promote and give value to our evergrowing territory. We are ready to live new emotions and to look towards the future with a sense of belonging to our territory and with the desire to open up to the world”.

“This is a world that has already seen L’Eroica as protagonist in more than eight countries,” he remarks. “They are fascinated by the values of an event which unites past, present and future through sports and a healthy quality lifestyle in an uncontaminated territory like ours. It is a great result which rewards the efforts of all those who have contributed since 1997, led by the passion of Giancarlo Brocci and many volunteers, who have believed and invested energy into this old fashioned race and in the safeguarding of white roads, creating and an appeal to the media which today makes this event a very important showcase for Chianti and the province of Siena”.

“In the name of the entire community”, he concludes “I welcome the ‘eroici’ of the 2016 edition and thank the organizers who, like every year, are investing energy, passion and volunteering in one of the most important appointments in Tuscany”.