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The Biennial International Art Festival, “Città di Perugia” will take place from October 1-16. Entrance is free. The exhibition will be set up in the exhibition center “Rocca Paolina”, in the center of the capital of Umbria.

Approximately 130 artists will participate in the various sections and art shows within the biennial, in an itinerary that passes through the monumental and suggestive space of Rocca Paolina, in a total of 600 square meters.

Among these artists is Silvia Jafisco, resident in Castellina in Chianti, in the village of Borgo di Topina. With her are an additional 35 artists of national and international fame.

Katarina Alivojvodic , Yelitza Altamirano Valle, Maria Chiara Arconte, Turi Avola, Pierluigi Bellacci, Piero Boni, David Booker, Igor Boza Borozan, Dalida Borri, Adriana Cardelli, Roberto Carnevali, Domenico Carpagnano, Hisu Choi, Malgorzata Chomicz, Antonio Conte, Michèle Demarque, Pedro García Espinosa, Giacobbe Giusti, Gerda Hegedus, Rolf Horstmann, Signe Ingeborg Sorensen, Luca Lavagetto, Antonella Maranga, Maura Menichetti, Vincenzo Milione, Inta Ruka, Letizia Sani, Ugo Savoia, Heinz Schmidt, Attila Schwanz, Anna Scopetta, Roberta Serenari, Maurizio Sodano, Antonio Tramontano, Alessandro Zangarelli.

The Biennial of the Città di Perugia is a 2.0 Art and Web Social Network. Marinella Ambrogi and Patrizia Mari, curators of the Biennial explain it as a “divided exposition. The founding idea is to bring the artist together with his creations, fruit of his own personality and a unique and irrepetible cultural background, to become a protagonist of contemporaneity. If everything in the network is accessible and voracious at the same time, then it is from the network that synergy and empathy can emerge and unite people and subjects in common objectives which last in time”.