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Two days of celebrations will honor the 30 years of the town of Barberino Val d’Elsa and the Bavarian town of Schliersee: Twin Cities.

October 1, at 10 AM, in the board room of the town of Barberino, the mayors and presidents of the Twin City Associations will be there. The Marcialla Philharmonic, “Giuseppe Verdi”, will salute the public.

Starting at 7 PM, in the Mocale Park of Tavarnelle, Oktoberfest, with typical German music and food, will be enhanced with live music from the band of Schliersee and the Chorus of the Alpi.

On Sunday, October 2, at 10:30 AM, in the church of San Bartolomeo of Barberino Val d’Elsa, there will be a holy mass celebrated by Don Soave (priest of Barberino) with the participation of the chorus of the Schliersee Alps.