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You can feel it in the air. You see it on the road when a tractor full of grapes appears. But you don’t protest. Follow the rhythm of the tractor and let it rock you as it  bumps along the road.

It is time for the Chianti Classico harvest. Started two weeks ago, it is now time for Sangiovese, the vine par excellence, the backbone of Chianti Classico, the grape that represents us in the world.

Tricky, edgy, difficult, it is has the capacity to become something without equal if cured in the vineyard and treated well in the wine cellar.

Make an experiment: go to a cellar, especially during the day, when the sun is warming, you can smell the aroma, the perfume, the “ferver” in the air.

It immediately cheers you up, a bit like the odor of burning wood in the first evenings of winter For now, it promises to be a good vintage, great even.

A bit less production than 2015 but in some cases, an exceptional quality. But the moment of the harvest isn’t only a big step for wine, it is a feast for our countryside, pure joy.

And as many Chianti residents know, it helps end themeal with a sumptuous grape foccaccia. Happy harvest to all, in any manner you live it!


Matteo Pucci (photos by Antonio Taddei)