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The castle of Barberino Val d’Elsa will soon be enchanted by the notes of Bowie, Beethoven and Debussy. The second edition of the musical event, NEM (Nuovi Eventi Musicali), created with the support of the Town Union of Chianti Classico, is proposing an eclectic and exceptional stage.

It is the event proposed by “Enchanted land”, scheduled for Sunday, 11 September at 21.30 in the medieval heart of the village overlooking the Elsa Valley. In piazza Barberini Andrea Chimenti, multifaceted artist able to range between writing, poetry and design, will perform the masterpieces of the thin white Duke of rock, accompanied by Chamber Orchestra Quartet our times.

Andrea Chimenti, multi-talented artist, capable of switching from writing to poetry to design, will interpret the masterpieces of the White Duke of Rock, accompanied by the quartet of the chamber Orchestra, “I Nostri Tempi”.

Chimenti (guitar, keyboard and voice) will interpret celebrated pieces of the British composer including Quicksand, Fantastic Voyage, Thursday’s Child, Life on Mars, and Space Oddity, thanks to original arrangements by Marco Bucci, created especially for the occasion. Accompanying him will be his son, Francesco, at the piano, electric cello, and choruses, and Davide Andreoni on guitar.  Both are members of the band, Sycamore Age.

Sharing the stage is the quartet of the chamber Orchestra, I Nostri tempi (Our Times), formed by first violin,  Roberto Quartararo, second violin, Davide Dalpiaz, viola,  Edoardo Rosadini, and cellist, Giorgio Marino.

The ensemble will also present original pieces from Andrea Chimenti’s new album, Yuri, which has just come out. They will be paired with execution of music by Beethoven (Cavatina from the Quartet op.130, and the fourth movement of the Quartet, op. 135) as well as by music by Debussy (Quartet for string instruments).