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“Toscana Ovunque Bella” (see the video above), already contains many stories about our beautiful Chianti towns.

Through, a website created by a project of the Tuscan Region and the Fondazione Sistema Toscana, you can see and hear tales organized through a project of crowd sourced storytelling, which aims to recount our region in a new and shared way, promoting each of our 279 towns for 365 days per year.

The project allows our territories and towns to write the pages of an illustrious history, one where each person presents his own story which, together with others, contributes to illustrate the unlimited beauty of Tuscany.

Everywhere you walk. In every season of the year. The project aims to illustrate innumerable interesting facts, through unrepeatable and unpublished stories spread throughout the region. It is an opportunity to highlight the best that Tuscany has to offer for fine living, from the international public to the national, thus giving us the opportunity to deviate from the every day and to lose oneself in a voyage that always ends in beauty.

What are you waiting for? All you have to do is browse through the splendid stories of our Tuscan land.