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Wandering through the hills of Tavarnelle in bicycle, to catch the same poetry of the film by Michael Radford and “The Postman” with Massimo Troisi, inspired by Pablo Neruda, take a pen and paper on the shore of a clear stream and reflecting on the seasons of life, on the beloved youth who escapes however.

Cristian Benaglio tells a poetic and Chianti in really “slow” in its short Scripa Manent, awarded for the flyer from master Dwarf campgrounds and for image quality from Project Italy.

He did so in the context of Slow Movie Contest, which is the territory of Chianti Classico narrated in eight short films made by young filmmakers. Italians and foreigners.

It is a project carried out in 2013 from La Macina di San Cresci, place of art, culture and openness to the world in Greve in Chianti. Local traditions of Arts and crafts have been central to the work of the directors who participated in the first contest for the development of the area through film.

Eight short films that we have the honor to propose on WeChianti, absolutely ideal place to welcome them.