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In our previous letter spoke of the world as seen from Panzano’s happy summer.

We talk about Panzano as if we live on a little island from which we can observe the world and everything that happens in it, unconsciously rejoicing in the fact that so far we haven’t had any terrorism attacks, coup d’etats, wars nor great poverty. Here people work, produce, travel and volunteer, here life goes on normally: illness, old age, envy, resentment, birth, death, joy and pain.

Yet we too, are participants in this vast, chaotic and hurting world. We have friends and family in every continent, we share their same concerns.

Humanly speaking, in addition to grief, we also feel sorrow and rage for our world that is unable to live in peace, so much so we create evil even where there would be none.

Since the world, with all the pain surrounding it, has become so small that men and ideas travel at  supersonic speed, misfortune could befall to us too, we are not privileged!

So some considerations arise. We must become a stronger community, celebrate as often as we can, spread more peace and more joy. We must live in positivity, expelling the evils of hate, revenges, fights, envies, squabbles and resentments.

Oh dear! Don’t take this for a sermon. It’s just two lines of hope.

Wine, meat and rock and roll!

Dario Cecchini e Miriam Serni Casalini