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Drinks from 7 PM to midnight and packed-dinners from nine on, organized by the Tenda  Rossa restaurant on top of the 33 meter tower of San Casciano… a big success.

Going up in an elevator at sunset, facing that 360° view of all Chianti  and enjoying the wonderful preparation of the dishes and drinks by the Tenda Rossa, is a joy.

Here is an example, directly from  the packed- dinner menu: salmon and ginger “candies”, spaghetti and muscles in a glass, lime and bottarga, quail and vegetable kebabs, spicy chocolate wafers.

“We are very satisfied”, says Natascia Santandrea, Tenda Rossa’s owner. “Who are our guests? They come from all over, from Florence to Modena, from Tuscany, from the Arezzo Valley, from Bolgheri. Are we ambassadors for Chianti? That is what we are trying to do”.

“How? By giving an international flavor”, says Santandrea. “We have hired bloggers who have spread our name in Brazil, Canada and the United States. And all of them have hashtags with the addition of #TorredelChianti… by Tenda Rossa. We are open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday”.

There will be two special evenings, August 10 and August 13 for the patron saint of San Casciano, with fireworks as a grand finale. Reservations are required.

Space is limited: 055 826162 or Name, surname, telephone number, date of choice, time, and food order, “drink” or dinner should be included.

PS private events may also be reserved