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Go “up along Pitti”, walking from house to house, along the tight townhouses of the historic streets of Tavarnelle was a sweet tradition for families who, in the early twentieth century, enjoyed via Naldini as one of the core areas of the town.

A neighborhood in which the community was alive, from the “London style” streetlight placed at the road junction, to the Borghetto Church passing through the square with the well, near the Corti kindergarten.

The Municipality of Tavarnelle recovers the spirit, the tradition, and the history of a part of the town, dating back to the nineteenth century along the road populated by merchants, pilgrims and taverns, with a large and complex project to recover the entire district surrounding via Naldini.

An investment of 500 thousand Euros with which the present Baroncelli town council will renovate not only the road, with the construction of underground utilities and a sewage and water network, but will work on the livability of the entire urban axis of the old street, paying attention to environmental needs, accessibility and urban quality of Tavarnelle.

“Old town memories return, like the lamppost down near the wall”, comments the mayor David Baroncelli “that gives depth and perspective to the town. The road up to Borghetto will be once again a central aspect of our hosting heritage, a central street in which today as in the past, the Corti kindergarten, the Rsa Torrigiani and the Misericordia medical practices are still present”.

The quality of the urban look is being recovered and the area’s historic personality will be reinterpreted in a contemporary way so as to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable part of the population.

“In addition to old-fashioned  public lighting but with energy saving LEDs, the works will focus on accessibility to via Naldini with the removal of architectural barriers”,  the mayor added, “including pedestrian walkways to connect Borghetto, the old nineteenth-century well and the square in front will be recovered as a rest area, adding benches, so as to regenerate the urban quality of a part of our town which for many years has been the backbone and heart of Tavarnelle”.

The Council has approved the final project and will proceed with the execution phase this autumn.