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There is an old Florentine saying: “fritta l’e’ bona anche una ciabatta” (Even a slipper is good fried). We are going to tell you an honest truth, even if we’re not talking about a slipper in this case!

Fried steak is an old traditional Florentine recipe which, although old, is still in style, especially in the taverns and inns in the Chianti area. A prestigious cut of meat becomes even more delicious thanks to the way in which it is prepared.

At the “Cinque di vino” in San Casciano they have made it a specialty, revamping the recipe in a way that is much appreciated by its customers: “I remember this recipe cooked in the Chianti territory since the 1950’s when I was a child”, Marco, the owner of the restaurant, tells us.

“It is born with a cut different from that of the more famous ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’”, he explains. “The fried version is thinner by 4 centimeters. We cook it in a way that makes it unique: after marinating the meat for a day together with other ingredients, it is breaded twice and fried in extra virgin olive oil”.

That is why all of the perfumes of a world of flavors spread through the kitchen to accompany this dish, exalting its flavor.

Tourists love it: “Foreign customers love our variety of meats, and this is appreciated as an alternative to the bistecca alla fiorentina”.

“A real Florentine”, he concludes, “has to rise above his initial prejudice. But once tasted, we get compliments on this dish”.

The fried steak is also served with the bone, preferably accompanied by a glass of good red wine. It is another excellent way to taste a recipe that has been handed down over the years and has enriched the Chianti region.

Silvia Rabatti