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There is good news regarding the “Torre dell’Orologio” (Clock Tower) in Piazza Pierozzi of San Casciano.

The Supervisory committee has authorized the restoration of the marble epigraph commemorating the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

For some time, it has remained enclosed in wire after fragments of the tower fell on the floor. Permission to restore the entire facade has also been given. The restoration project, as well as financing, already exist. We now need to wait until the bidding war is resolved.

Then, once again, the Clock Tower will regain its lovely status. Except for reference in some old guides, we don’t know the exact date of when the tower was built, but the hypothesis is that there is a connection between the tower and the Praetorian Palace in front of the rectory in piazza Cavour.

It might have been part of an old walled circle, in existence previous to the actual one which encloses the church and the quarterdeck.

In that case, the Tower might have enclosed the entry door to the castrum of San Cassiano. What is certain is that, during WWll, the Tower was destroyed.

After waiting a few more months, we once again will be able to enjoy one of the most fascinating corners of San Casciano.

Antonio Taddei